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Lisa Carew
over 5 years ago by NMS Recruit


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SOME of the fastest times in placing people in employment have been reported this month by NMS Recruit.

Rapid turnaround to fill vacancies has seen North West job hunters in post in a matter of days from the start of the recruitment process.

Lisa Carew, operations manager at the Bromborough-headquartered business which specialises in commercial recruitment, explained: “Getting the exact match between clients with vacancies and candidates looking for work can sometimes take weeks – a constant problem for business continuity and productivity.

“However, our hiring time turnaround has blown away some of the myths about recruiting timelines. In one particular instance, we were at the CV stage on the Monday, interviewing took place the following day and the candidate started work on the Wednesday.

“In many cases, speed is essential to getting skilled candidates in place. It’s very much a candidate-driven market at the moment with good quality people – those who are in high demand - looking for new employment.

“Chances are a candidate may have a couple of other job offers in the pipeline so the client simply can’t afford to sit back and wait throughout a long selection process. If companies aren’t quick to hire the talent they want, you can rest assured someone else will get in there first.

“In a slow recruitment operation, it’s obvious that the top candidates are going to be the ones who quickly withdraw from the process, leaving only the weaker ones behind.

“Also, every day that a job vacancy is left unfilled can mean a company experiencing a reduction in productivity. Filling vacancies with speed is crucial to keeping business wheels turning.”

However, fast turnaround, said Lisa, never means quality of candidate selection is compromised.

She added: “It’s important that we know the specific requirements of our clients and candidates in equal measure so we can act immediately to get the right person in place as quickly as possible.

“Technology is obviously a boon here but, in the end, everything focuses on having a real rapport with our businesses and the people looking for employment. Communication is key so that every detail is in place at the outset – such as the candidate being briefed on the client company’s operation and the hirer having full knowledge of the candidate CV - to make sure the whole process is seamless and rapid.”