Recruiting good staff is never easy.

It’s time-consuming to place adverts, sift CVs, arrange interviews, and then there’s the difficulty in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role.

That’s where we come in.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process as straight-forward as possible. That means you tell us about the sort of person you want to recruit, and we get busy finding them.

We put forward only genuine candidates for interview

We won’t waste your time. Our selection process is more thorough than most - only candidates with the right skills, experience and attitude will be put forward for interview, and that’s a promise.  

Most of our business comes through referral, so we want you to be happy with every aspect of our service.  That means we go the extra mile to recruit the best staff for you in a professional and friendly manner, offering unbeatable value for money.


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Diane (Warrington)
Office Manager

• Managment of a small team of 3
• Setting and review of the company Pricing Policy
• Completion of H & S Questionnaires
• Preparation of quotations and negotiation of payment terms with contractors
•Key part of the Business Improvement Committee

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Chris (Yorkshire)
Audio Visual Engineer

• Immediately available
• 14 Years experience in the field
• Lead Engineer with installation/service experience
• Visual displays, video conference, audio, Extron control systems, SC cleared 

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Amanda (Bromborough)
Sales Administrator

• Immediately available
• 16+ Years in a sales order processing position
• Experience of export paperwork
• Provided quotations & processed orders through to delivery
• Liaised with warehouse & external hauliers

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SOME of the hottest commodities on the employment market – due to their short supply in the Telecoms and Energy industries - are now high on the job-finding agenda of NMS Recruit. Turbine engineers for the power generation industry and audio visual (AV) technicians for a sector that’s growing faster than global GDP are currently topping the “wanted” list at a time when there’s an ever-increasing need in the UK to address skills shortages. And rewards are substantial for the professionals who realise they are in demand and – apart from carving out a successful careers – can ultimately become top earners. Lisa Carew, operations manager at NMS Recruit who is based at the company’s headquarters at Burton Manor, Cheshire, said: “Both industries are experiencing a growing demand for skilled people, but each for different reasons. “Power generation is typical of many sectors where an older workforce is reaching retirement age so their knowledge gained over a working lifetime could disappear with them, leaving a skills gap in the market. “Meanwhile, the AV market is growing at a pace to keep up with technological advances in areas that are expanding every day – in hospitality, the health sector, education and in retail along with business video conferencing the length and breadth of the country. “However, the common thread is that prime jobs are currently available with lots of potential for career progression. Added to that is the fact that being in demand means bigger windows of opportunity to earn more money.” Senior recruitment consultant Rachel Powell, who joined NMS Recruit specifically to launch its Telecoms and Turbine Engineering Division, said: “The power generation industry is hugely challenging not only from a commercial perspective but also because it’s one that operates in an extremely regulated environment. “Engineers who are working at oil and gas power stations - mainly on contract – therefore have to be highly skilled, have a strong work ethic and, importantly, are trained and certified to the highest Health & Safety standards. “But it means they are operating in a niche market where their expertise and skills are recognised and financially well rewarded.” For AV technicians, who install and operate visual, sound and lighting equipment and complete electrical wiring, programming and basic construction at sites including conference, event and shopping centres, hospitals, schools and universities, their demand is in a sector where the market for professional AV solutions and services is continually expanding. What was expected to end 2018 as a $186 billion worldwide industry is now forecast to hit $230 billion in 2023, growing – at a 4.3 per cent compound annual growth rate - twice as fast as global GDP. Rachel explained: “AV is no longer just good to have and used for leisure-type purposes; it is changing the way business is carried out and giving companies and services in the health and education sectors a means of operating more efficiently via their communications networks. It is also allowing hospitality and retail concerns to give customers better experiences in their hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. “The AV market in the UK – particularly in London – is already massive and getting bigger. As the market grows so does the number of job vacancies to fill with skilled and reliable people, from junior technical staff starting out in their careers after finishing college to highly-experienced AV engineers trained to the exacting standards the industry demands.” Lisa added: “Interestingly, these jobs in Telecoms and Engineering would not necessarily have been an automatic first choice for people starting out on their career paths. They are jobs that have evolved over recent years as economic circumstances and technological advances have changed the face of the world of work. “As a result, so many more doors of opportunity are now opening up to a new, modern workforce ready to bridge employers’ skills gaps and to create their own successful, challenging and well-paid careers.



You've seen them on social media, you may have even spoken to them on the phone but it is time to get to know the team! Give us the lowdown! What is your name, role and how long have you been a part of the NMS Team? I'm Alex Drury, I’ve been back with NMS Recruit now for 3 weeks, however, I worked for the business previously for 1.5 years. I joined as a Recruitment Consultant, and have returned now as UK Sales Specialist. Obviously, you love being a member of team NMS, what would you say is the best part of your job? Recruitment changes day by day and it can be very challenging, no day is the same! This is what still excites me about it as it consistently keeps me on my toes. There is no better feeling than making an offer to a candidate for their perfect job role, changing people’s lives is definitely the best part of the role! I would say the best part of working for NMS Recruit is… ...Definitely the culture, we have a fantastic laidback approach and it works very well within the team. Also, our new location at Burton Manor is stunning and not to mention the fully stocked bar on site! Enough about work, favourite thing to do outside of work? I’m a huge socialite and spend most of my time with my partner and friends. I love to travel and eat great food, we’ve recently been to Prague & Paris with plans to tick off another European city this year! I’m a BIG music fan and love to attend festivals, Tomorrowland festival is something we do on a yearly basis, so this summer will be my 5th year! Hypothetical question: you are being sent to a desert island, what are the 3 things you would take? 3 things that I’d take with me would be; 1. My mobile phone, I'd probably have no signal but you never know… 2. My family - might as well make a holiday out of it! 3. A book (How To: Survive on a Desert Island) Get in touch with Alex if you are looking for a sales-based position or staffing solutions. T: +44 (0)1928 735 021 E: alex.drury@nmsrecruit.com



NMS Recruit has appointed Alex Drury to set up a new Sales Division to drive the business further forward in its expanding marketplace. Alex, 26, returns to NMS after broadening his knowledge of commercial recruitment in other recruiting operations in the North West. He is based at the company’s headquarters at Burton Manor, Wirral, and joins NMS Operations Manager Lisa Carew as part her team of six who are involved in the supply of permanent and temporary labour. His Sales Division will be recruiting to fill vacancies in sales-based positions across the UK. He said: “Coming back to NMS is a great opportunity to put into practice here the knowledge and skills I’ve built up while working at a more senior level in other roles. “I’ll be setting in place new systems for our job-seeker selection process so we can interpret exactly what employers want. It’s important for us, as the recruiter and for our clients that we fully understand what they need for a perfect match for job vacancies before we go to market. “Working with new and existing employers, it’s an exciting time to be returning to NMS and the challenges and opportunities being created by this latest Sales Division venture.” Alex originally joined NMS Recruit prior to the business becoming part of the Russell Taylor Group of companies whose parent company, Russell Taylor Holdings, is the fastest-growing privately-owned recruitment operation in the country. Lisa added: “Alex is the perfect choice to head up our new Sales Division which will be recruiting to fill vacancies in sales throughout the UK. “We are delighted to have him back as part of the team as his key strengths of innovation and developing client relationships will play a major part in taking NMS on the next phase of its growth journey.”