Recruiting good staff is never easy.

It’s time-consuming to place adverts, sift CVs, arrange interviews, and then there’s the difficulty in assessing a candidate’s suitability for the role.

That’s where we come in.

Our aim is to make the recruitment process as straight-forward as possible. That means you tell us about the sort of person you want to recruit, and we get busy finding them.

We put forward only genuine candidates for interview.

We won’t waste your time. Our selection process is more thorough than most - only candidates with the right skills, experience and attitude will be put forward for interview, and that’s a promise.  

Most of our business comes through referral, so we want you to be happy with every aspect of our service.  That means we go the extra mile to recruit the best staff for you in a professional and friendly manner, offering unbeatable value for money.


First Box Content

Diane (Warrington)
Office Manager

• Managment of a small team of 3
• Setting and review of the company Pricing Policy
• Completion of H & S Questionnaires
• Preparation of quotations and negotiation of payment terms with contractors
•Key part of the Business Improvement Committee

Second Box Content

Chris (Yorkshire)
Audio Visual Engineer

• Immediately available
• 14 Years experience in the field
• Lead Engineer with installation/service experience
• Visual displays, video conference, audio, Extron control systems, SC cleared 

Third Box Content

Amanda (Bromborough)
Sales Administrator

• Immediately available
• 16+ Years in a sales order processing position
• Experience of export paperwork
• Provided quotations & processed orders through to delivery
• Liaised with warehouse & external hauliers

NMS Media



A LIFELINE is being handed to employers by NMS Recruit in a bid to stem the current tide of workplace talent shortages. New working patterns created by two years of pandemic challenges have totally changed the face of attracting and retaining staff to meet future trading needs – job-seekers are now the ones steering the course of their chosen careers. And the solution to keeping businesses buoyant as they embrace these changes, says NMS Recruit’s Operations Director Lisa Carew, is for employers to act swiftly in the hiring process. She said: “It truly is a race against time for employers who are desperate to rebuild their workforce as the economy begins to bounce back. “The whole face of recruiting has seen massive changes during the pandemic years and now, more than ever, it’s the job-seeking candidates who are in charge. “If employers find the right one for a particular role, they can’t delay over a job offer. If they do, that person will, in the meantime, have already gone somewhere else.” The past two years have seen radical changes in attitudes to working practices; with more time to analyse lifestyles, employees began to question their jobs and careers. Then, when businesses started to open up again, many realised they didn’t want the old routines, leaving in droves to pursue new ways of living and working. The result has been a nationwide pattern of job vacancies and a shortage of talent to fill them, creating one of the biggest challenges ever facing employers. Lisa continued: “All this has happened at a time when the economy is beginning to get back on its feet. The telecommunications sector – one of our main areas of recruitment – is a perfect example. It’s currently booming and is forecast to grow like we’ve never seen before. “Office support and customer services, where there’s the flexibility of hybrid working and working from home, are also areas where people are very much in the driving seat in this candidate-driven market and therefore can pick and choose their jobs.” A massive issue for employers, Lisa explained, is that in this current setting job-seeking candidates can sometimes have up to eight jobs in their sights.  She said: “Once, candidates would be interested in one job and, if they didn’t get it, would then move on to another and try again. Now it’s a totally different story. They are almost completely in charge and can select whatever job they think best. “Another interesting take on this is that many candidates want jobs in spheres other than those where they spent their previous working lives. They are choosing other skillsets, different operational areas and a wide range of salaries whereas in the past they would maybe stick to what they had done before. “It’s a whole new set of experiences they’re after and they know exactly what they want to fit in with their lifestyles.” She added: “There’s a whole new breed of workforce out there, talented people who have totally a different attitude to the jobs market to the one pre-pandemic. “Speeding up the recruitment process is our key to solving the growing problem of this workplace talent shortage – knowing exactly what the candidate wants in terms of working day practices, career progression, salary and so on - so we can present employers with an even shorter shortlist to get them in place. “It means they can then act swiftly and grab the right people for their business – before someone else does.”



A GLOBAL shift towards sustainability has put NMS Recruit at the hub of huge jobs growth activity in a sector that’s racing to meet consumer demand. The use of urban electric bikes has been speeding up worldwide as concerns mount about the impact of vehicle emissions on air quality in our towns and cities. A massive surge in home food deliveries – initially the result of the pandemic lockdown and still growing - has also seen a need for quick and cheap transport measures become ever more vital to delivery businesses operating in a fast-paced environment. As NMS prepares to hit a record trading quarter - 42 per cent up on March 2021 - the e-bike boom is firmly gearing up to contribute to the company’s success as it moves into worldwide recruitment for jobs in electric cycle-related industries and services. Demand among employers experiencing this trading upturn in e-bike manufacture and retail has increased not just in the UK but in New York, the Netherlands and Nairobi, with NMS now recruiting here for commercial roles as well as for technicians and engineers. And, said Alex Drury, who heads up the company’s Sales Division, this major new recruitment initiative all stemmed from a partnership with one small London-based e-bike company searching for staff in the capital where electric transport is seen as crucial to tackling traffic congestion and carbon emissions. He explained: “It soon became obvious that the market for e-bikes has become massive. The green agenda means everyone is now aware of global environmental issues and increasingly businesses and individuals are taking action to reduce vehicle emissions and cut their transport costs. “More and more traffic-heavy towns and cities are getting equipped with cycle lanes and bringing in cycle hire schemes which encourage people to take to the road on bikes, particularly electric ones. The obvious result is an increased demand for staff by companies worldwide who are manufacturing, selling and servicing them.” The UK e-bike market is now worth £280 million in sales with evidence pointing to serious growth as the government’s plan to completely ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by the end of the 2020s gets closer. In New York, e-bikes are outselling electric cars while in the Netherlands there’s already an outstanding bicycle infrastructure with more than 35,000km of cycle ways throughout the country and an ingrained culture of cycling over driving. And in Nairobi environmental measures are being taken to counteract the effects of traffic congestion on urban air quality by getting people to switch to green transport, with particular emphasis on e-bikes. However, an interesting twist on the economic good fortunes of the e-bike industry has come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Alex said: “Throughout lockdown, there was an enormous surge in the amount of home deliveries of fast food. Here the e-bike well and truly came into its own - nippy, cheap to run and, most importantly, getting hot food delivered quickly. “Even though Covid restrictions are now gone, there’s still no sign of demand slowing down with ‘ordering in’ now looking like a permanent fixture when it comes to dining.” NMS Recruit’s Operations Director Lisa Carew said the urban electric bike revolution was becoming a key component in the business’ trading operation as green transport becomes an increasingly important environmental issue. Despite supply chains being heavily hit, the e-bike market continued to increase during the pandemic crisis and sales in the UK are now expected to triple over the next three years. She added: “As we take steps to rebuild the economy and, at the same time, keep our focus on moves towards sustainability, it’s rewarding to see jobs expanding in diverse areas such as electronic cycles, their manufacture, sales and service provision. “It’s also a perfect example of us immediately identifying a potential growth area and seizing the opportunity to give employers the right workforce to keep their businesses buoyant.”



THE team from NMS Recruit have been putting their best feet forward to shine a light on the heartbreaking disease of vascular dementia. Taking part in the Alzheimer’s Society’s sponsored Glow night walk through Liverpool’s docklands, they strode out to support the charity close to the hearts of recruitment consultant Lindsay Taylor and her family. The sponsored walk took place on Saturday 14th March. Lindsay’s mother Margy was diagnosed with vascular dementia four years ago at the age of 55. Lindsay said: “Our family has received an amazing amount of help and support from the Alzheimer’s Society since my mum was first diagnosed with vascular dementia. “There’s currently no cure but treatment can sometimes help slow it down by tackling the underlying cause. All we know is that it will get worse over time – and that’s why research is so important. “We are so grateful to everyone who joined us on the Glow walk and to those who have donated to the charity so the fight to drive out this terrible disease can continue. “This charity is very close to our hearts and every donation means so much to us all.” NMS Recruit, part of the Russell Taylor group of companies, was joined on the 4.5km Liverpool Glow walk by Jennifer Scott, the group’s HR, Quality and Facilities Manager, and they raised a total of £735. Lisa Carew, Operations Director at NMS Recruit, added: “The Glow walk was a great event and a fantastic way for all the team to get together and support Lindsay and her family by raising this huge amount for a very worthy cause.”



NMS Recruit Ltd has announced the appointment of Lisa Carew as its new Operations Director. Lisa joined the company as Operations Manager two-and-a-half-years ago and since then has been responsible for continuous growth in all NMS’ core operational areas, supplying permanent and temporary labour for the Commercial, Sales, Telecoms and Energy sectors. Rob Kurton, Managing Director at Russell Taylor Group, parent company of NMS Recruit Ltd, said: “Lisa’s appointment as Operations Director is a well-deserved promotion. Since taking over at NMS in 2017, she has built an excellent team and turned around the fortunes of the business. “She has led from the front from day one and, as such, has gained the respect of everyone who has worked with her. NMS has had an another excellent year and the future is very exciting indeed as we look to grow the company even further in 2020.” Lisa, based at the company’s headquarters at Burton Manor, Wirral, joined NMS with an impeccable reputation in the North West recruitment industry. She started her career 25 years ago as a raw recruit herself and went on to run her own business before heading up the NMS operation. She said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed to this new role. It’s been a fantastic journey over the past two-and-a-half-years and I am very lucky to have found an amazing team that works so hard to support me in the growth of NMS. “I am proud of what we have achieved in terms of providing quality recruitment services and building great relationships with businesses both locally and nationally. We have plans to grow again next year and increase the NMS team further by another two or three consultants – so there are exciting times ahead.” As a subsidiary of Russell Taylor Group, NMS Recruit Ltd is part of Russell Taylor Holdings which this year became the fastest-growing privately-owned recruitment business in the UK as well as being named as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain.