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Growth surge for NMS Recruit’s Telecoms Sales Division

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RAPID expansion of the UK Telecoms industry is powering up specialist recruiters NMS Recruit to a predicted year of significant growth.

Already in pole position for high-speed delivery of vital jobs in the sector, focus is now on filling a nationwide need for sales roles, largely due to further massive movement in the provision of full-fibre broadband and its impact on the economy and the environment

To service this huge client demand, NMS Recruit has embarked on its own expansion path for its Sales Division, based at the company’s Wirral headquarters of Burton Manor.

Already, the Sales team has doubled in size over the past 12 months and, headed by Divisional Manager specialist Alex Drury, the business is expecting this move will greatly contribute to its turnover tripling within the coming year. 

Operations Director Lisa Carew explained: “Ongoing plans for new installations of full-fibre networks and high-speed cable broadband throughout the UK - and operators’ commercial recruitment campaigns - have taken us to high levels of activity. 

“We’re in a situation where the Telecoms industry climate is constantly changing, opening up more doors of opportunity for employment. In recent years, we’ve experienced a huge boost to the UK jobs market with new installations of full-fibre networks and high-speed cable broadband - but now we’re looking at even greater real growth in the sector over the next three years.

“There’s already been a whole stream of job openings, from roles for engineers, planners and surveyors to project and operational managers, technical co-ordinators and office support staff. However, the greatest impact on our business at the moment is through our Telecoms Sales Division as we work in partnership with Internet Service Providers,  IT specialists and Managed Service Providers to fill their increasing number of vacancies.”

NMS Recruit took a forward leap in activity in the early post-Covid years when investment in broadband connectivity spurred jobs growth due to nationwide working from home arrangements, greater focus on supply to rural and hard-to-reach areas and a boom in TV streaming.

Lisa added: “As a result, since 2020 we have seen year-on-year growth, each period from then onwards seeing our turnover tripling. Already, 2023 figures for the half-year are extremely positive and likely to show even greater significant growth by the year end.”

The latest additions to Alex’s team in the Sales Division are Recruitment Consultants Jayden Crimp, Danny Mongan and Louis Frost.

Alex said: “Jayden, Danny and Louis have become vital members of our expanding division at NMS as our focus is firmly fixed on the growing demand for sales roles in the Telecoms and IT industry.

“We are operating in a fast-moving environment that’s constantly changing and advancing. Full-fibre development is helping to resolve issues of slow internet speed and greater productivity for a remote workforce still operational post-Covid and whose former reliance on work travel - many of them living in remote, rural areas - has actually begun to reduce carbon emissions.

“The delivery of the right people to fill Sales roles is therefore crucial to the successful operation of clients such as Internet Service Providers, many of the smaller ones now beginning to take a bigger share of the marketplace.”